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Do you want to know what’s annoying? Mops are those big mangy mops that don’t seem to clean anything and just swirl the dirt around. Even worse? Get on your hands and knees to scrub the floor with a rag (thanks, mom). The funny thing is that my mom made me do that every week, down on my hands and knees, boiling hot water. Well, now I’m older and don’t have to endure that pain and suffering anymore; I even found a better way—flat mop systems. I put my dad onto these about six months ago, and his lower back has been thanking me ever since. 

Old style mops

My mom went through the “cedar mop” phase and swore by it. (i think she just didn’t want to admit she was wrong.) I would always ask her, why do you use this stupid thing? The overtly short handle put you at a peculiar angle, half knee bend half bent over, and it was still the mangy old style of the mop. It doesn’t work, and it’s a pain in the butt and back to operate. She always had a pint about it being better than hands and knees scrubbing, so I just left her to it for a while. 

Introducing Bluefox

About 1.5 years ago, I started a residential home cleaning company with laura (my other half), and I had decided to put my unique ideas to use. I declared no mangy mops right there, and down the rabbit hole, I researched mops and pads. At first, I tried just a plain microfiber rag with a pole, but to no avail; that just wasn’t going to cut it. I tried the shelf brand plastic flat mops, but they broke soon after buying, and I couldn’t afford that expense.  After about one month of searching, A friend put me on a Uline company. I typed in “flat mop system” and found the perfect unit. A flat mop crafted out of aluminum with adjustable height and a high-quality microfiber mop pad attached by velcro on the bottom, genius. 

Brighter Futures

This mop system has saved countless hours in clients’ homes. Not only saving our backs but saving our clients money while we are at it. The best part is that this mop isn’t expensive and ships fast. Just fill up your bucket with hot water, pour in some cleaning solution, dip the pad in, wring it out, and attach it to the bottom of the mop via the velcro system and walla. We’re in business. 

Buy This Thing, You Will Thank Me Later!

We have so graciously linked out secret weapon here for you to check out for yourself. Your kitchen floors with thank you. 


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