Basic Residential Cleaning North Phoenix

Need to tidy up the place? A Basic clean covers all the essentials leaving your house feeling and smelling fresh. 

Basic cleans are booked at $90/Hr for a 2 person crew.

Keeping your home clean and organized is essential for a comfortable and healthy living environment. Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter in North Phoenix, mastering the basics of house cleaning can make a significant difference in maintaining your space.

Unveiling the Standard Cleaning Checklist

Creating a cleaning checklist is a smart approach to ensure that no corner of your residence goes unnoticed. A standard cleaning checklist acts as your roadmap to a thorough and systematic cleaning routine.

Establishing a Normal Cleaning Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to house cleaning. Developing a regular cleaning routine tailored to your lifestyle and preferences can help you maintain a tidy home effortlessly.

Professional House Cleaning Checklist Decoded

Ever wondered how professionals achieve that impeccable cleanliness? Their well-structured cleaning checklist is the secret behind their efficiency and effectiveness in transforming a space.

The 80/20 Rule in House Cleaning

The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, can be a game-changer in your house cleaning approach. Learn how to focus on the most impactful tasks to achieve maximum cleanliness without unnecessary stress.

Mastering House Cleaning Like a Professional Maid

If you’ve ever marveled at how professional maids clean, you’re not alone. Discover their tips and tricks to elevate your cleaning game and make your home shine just like theirs.

To Tip or Not to Tip: House Cleaning Etiquette

Tipping is a common practice to show appreciation for exceptional service. But do you tip a maid or a house cleaning lady? Uncover the etiquette and factors to consider when deciding.

Taking Charge: Clean Your House Like a Boss

Feeling overwhelmed by the mess? Channel your inner boss and approach cleaning with confidence. Learn strategies to tackle even the messiest of houses efficiently.

Prioritizing Tasks in a Messy House

A messy house can be daunting, but starting with the right tasks can make a world of difference. Find out which areas to prioritize to regain control over your living space.

The First Step to a Tidy Home

Knowing where to begin can be half the battle in cleaning. Explore expert advice on which part of your house you should clean first to set the stage for a successful cleaning session.

Conquering a Messy House: Tips to Avoid Overwhelm

Cleaning a cluttered home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Discover practical tips to approach the task strategically, ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed in the process.

Bringing It All Together: Your North Phoenix Cleaning Companion

Maintaining a clean and organized home in North Phoenix is within your reach. Armed with insights into house cleaning basics, routines, and professional techniques, you’re ready to transform your living space into a haven of cleanliness and comfort.


In the vibrant community of North Phoenix, a clean home is more than just an aesthetic preference—it’s a reflection of your lifestyle and well-being. By understanding the fundamental principles of house cleaning, grasping the significance of a standard cleaning checklist, and adopting the strategies employed by professional cleaners, you’re equipped to maintain a pristine living space. Whether you’re tackling a messy house or aiming to clean like a pro, these insights will guide you toward success. Remember, a clean home is a canvas for a fulfilling life, and with the right knowledge, you can make that canvas shine brilliantly.

Basic Cleaning Checklist


Sinks & Counters

Appliance Exteriors 

Polish Fixtures

Load Dishwasher



Shower & Tub


Sinks & Counters

Polish Fixtures

Clean Mirrors

All Rooms

Dust Furniture

Cabinets And Drawer Exteriors

Vacuum Floors And Rugs

Mops Floors

Make Beds

Remove Trash

Is there something you would like done that you don’t see on the list? Please leave it in the “notes” section of the booking form under your home’s address. 

frequently asked questions

Got Questions?

A deep clean is recommended for all first time cleaning by BLUEFOX. It allows us extra time to get all the areas that have been missed during regular cleanings in the past. after the initial deep clean, most customers switch to a standard 2 hour clean.

Simply click on the “book now” button and enter your information. You will be contacted by a team member to solidify your booking. 

We use all natural cleaning products in every home. 

Yes, we provide all of the cleaning supplies. Including vacuums, mops, and Cleaning Agents. 

Yes, we do our best to make sure the cleaners stay on your schedule. 

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