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Top 5 Natural Cleaning Brands


Are you tired of using harmful ghastly smelling cleaning products in your home? So are we. I once had a hole in my joggers when using a generic shelf brand “toilet bowl cleaner” and thought to myself… “What the heck” there’s no way I should even have this stuff near me. That’s when i went on a mission to find, test, and implement safe, green, non-harmful cleaning products throughout our company (Bluefox Cleaning). And let me tell you what, it is a game changer. Below you will find our list of the top 5 “natural cleaning products.” Note. These products may have synthesized chemicals that act as “wetting or shining agents” to help give that “polished” look after you’re done cleaning. So without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers’s all-purpose cleaning product has been one of our staples for about a year. They have great scents, a short ingredient list (plus full transparency in their ingredient glossary), and the products work wonders. A massive plus is the bottle + sprayer combo is very robust, easy to use, and fits very nicely in the palm of your hand, allowing for endless cleaning without hand cramps. We choose the entire bottle and refill our cleaning bottles as we go. This makes for a straightforward and cost-efficient route when utilized out in the field. (ps, we recommend the lemon scent) You can check out “Mrs. Meyers” cleaning products here


We love Method cleaning products. They have many options for scent, cleaning power, and antibiotic properties. The method has been a power player and is at the forefront of “natural” cleaning product manufacturing.  We love their wood and bathroom cleaning products and have noticed great success in our cleaning ventures. You can find all of their cleaning products here


Bonami is a recent switch we have made from using barkeepers’ friends. We wanted to find and use a more “natural” alternative and came across this product when browsing the isles of the target. These products work great, but they were designed and created to be a safer, more effective alternative and genuinely had the customers’ best interest in mind. Bonami has been around for ages, and its continued product development has paid off. Check out the Bon Ami cleaning line-up here; you won’t be disappointed. 


When switching away from Dawn dish soap, we came across a brand called Ecos. After purchasing and testing out their dish soap, we were hooked. Ecos is “all in” on a cleaner today, and their products reflect that. They have natural antibacterial properties and are hypoallergenic and very safe to get on the skin. We highly recommend anything off the Ecos cleaning line-up to anyone looking for a safer, cleaner way to clean. You can check out Ecos cleaning products here. 

Naturally, it’s clean.

Disclaimer: This is the only product we have not used, but we have noticed many positive reviews surrounding this brand. Naturally, it takes an “environmentally friendly” approach when creating products. They specialize in wood floor cleaning products, so we may just have to try them.  Why help the environment? You can view “Naturally, it’s clean” cleaning products here


So, in conclusion, there are many brands now at the forefront of eco-friendly “natural” cleaning product manufacturing. By utilizing the properties found in plants and fruits and adding more cleaning power, these companies are doing right by the environment and our homes.

If you have any further questions about what cleaning products may fit your needs the best, don’t hesitate to reach out, and we will answer the best way we know. Until next time.