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Basic Cleaning Vs Deep Cleaning Cost Breakdown


What’s the difference between a deep clean and a basic clean? And what option should I choose? While we have some expertise on the subject, it comes down to your personal preferences and goals. Today, we will discuss the differences between a deep clean and a basic clean, what each cost, and how often you should consider utilizing each service. 

Keeping It Simple

Basic clean refers to maintenance or recurring cleaning services. A deep clean and a basic clean are very similar, with one showcasing more detail. A deep clean is a one-off or every once in a while. When booking a professional cleaning service for the first time, it’s always a good idea to go with an initial deep clean, then move forward with recurring cleans. 

Future Plans

When booking a cleaning service, it’s essential to consider whether this is a one-time deal or not. This being said, typically, deep cleans are performed in your home about every 4-6 months versus a basic clean every 1-2 weeks. The goal of a deep clean is to knock down the dirt and dust in your home to make it an “easily maintainable” task to continue cleaning. Most people opt for deep cleaning at the beginning, and ongoing use is the primary option. We recommend deep cleaning your home every six months to get the dust out of those hard-to-reach spots, ensuring healthy air quality inside your home. 


Basic cleanings are just that, the basics; this includes general dusting of shelving, cleaning off tables, wiping down the countertops, cleaning the kitchen sink and stove, cleaning the bathroom mirrors, counters, sinks, and toilets, and doing a basic wipe-down of the shower and tub. Note that if you have heavy water damage, this usually is dealt with in a deep clean due to the extensive amount of time it takes to eradicate. Most cleaning services have a “list” of items covered in basic cleaning and additional items protected in a deep clean service. Basic cleans typically take around 2 hours and cost $180 bi-weekly with a 2-person crew. 

The Nuts And Bolts

So what exactly makes a deep clean “deep”? Typically deep cleaning includes dusting the ceiling fan blades, dusting vents inside your home, hand wiping down the baseboards, and deep scrubbing the bathroom, including the tub and shower area. These “extras” take up lots of time, not to mention more attention to detail when cleaning all the sites included in a basic cleaning service. Suppose you are looking to show off the place for a family get-together. A deep clean is probably your answer. Each cleaning service includes extras in their deep neat packages, including ovens, ceiling soffits, insides of cabinets and cupboards, and so much more. Most cleaning services will accommodate your request for extras, but be mindful that these will cost more. Deep Cleans take, on average, around 5 hours and cost about $600.


In conclusion, the main difference between a fundamental and deep clean is the attention to detail and the overall “quality” of your clean. The goal of a deep clean is to restore your home to an easy-to-maintain state and utilize basic cleaning options to take care of the areas that regularly get dirty around your home. Ask your cleaning service every six months if they can deep clean your home again to get everything back to pristine condition and restore healthy air quality.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and it helped you make an informed buying decision. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, and we will answer your questions the best way we know.