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Spaghetti On The Walls

The Dinner Story

Its absolute pandomnuim. Dishes are everywhere, somehow spaghetti made its way into the walls, and children are screaming… Yup, just another day in the life of a mother.  

I get it, we all love a home-cooked dinner but the lengthy clean-up is not so fun. Growing up my mom loved to cook. Almost every day of the week we would come home from school to a home-cooked meal. It was always a full spread, with the main dish, usually a salad, and some type of bread. Having 10 kids in our family, you can imagine the dinner clean-up that followed up afterward. It probably took a good hour to get all the dishes cleaned, countertops scrubbed down, and stove-top cleaned. I did not like being on dinner clean-up. The older half of us kids would switch off on this each week. We had dinner clean-up for a whole week! I sometimes would bribe my younger siblings with candy to take over, which sometimes worked. I always said I wanted to hire a Cleaning Service when I grew older so I didn’t have to spend my time scrubbing when I could be crawled up in my bed with Nancy Drew.