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Common Bacterias Found Within Your Home

We all want to live in a clean home. But did you know that there are many types of bacteria that can exist in your home? And if these bacteria are not removed, they can breed and multiply rapidly and spread like a contagion. When it comes to the thought of bacteria in our home, we often think of the bathroom areas. But the unfortunate truth is that there are other areas of your home that can produce just as harmful bacteria if not managed and taken care of. In this article, we will discuss the common types of bacteria that occur in your home and show you where they hide.

Common Bacteria’s Found In Your Home

What type of bacteria is the most prevalent in a home? Well, four main types of bacteria show up and are common in households. The top four bacteria include Bacillus, Micrococcus, Pseudomonas, and Staphylococcus. 

Bacillus is a rod-shaped bacterium that can attach to floating dust particles in the air and severely impact your digestive house. 

Micrococcus is a round-shaped bacteria that may be found in water, soil, or meat products. 

Pseudomonas is a type of pathogen in the air. It can be devastating for those who are immunocompromised. 

Finally, Staphylococcus is also a round-shaped bacteria that is tough to get rid of if you catch it. It can lead to skin poisoning and infections of the skin and nasal cavity. 

Believe it or not, most of these bacteria will be found in your kitchen. In fact, the kitchen can be one of the most common places for bacteria to grow and breed. This is because of the possible contamination between food and beverages. The cutting board is especially one place that is just right for the conditions of bacteria growing. Sinks and countertops are also common areas for cross-contamination. That is why maintaining, and cleaning are essential to living a healthy life.

We here at Bluefox Cleaning know the importance of keeping your home clean and safe. That is why we offer cleaning services for those folks in the Phoenix area who are often super busy with work or live an active lifestyle. We are up-to-date and knowledgeable on where these bacteria lie and know how to get rid of them so that you can stay happy and healthy.

Why BlueFox Cleaning?

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