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Common Bacteria in Your Kitchen

Bacteria Everywhere

There are bacteria everywhere! But according to recent studies, the kitchen is thought to be the dirtiest part of your entire home. This is because the kitchen provides the perfect environment for bacteria to spread and make you sick.

According to the CDC, nearly 50 million people in the U. S. will get a food-borne illness each year. So, to help prevent the spread of disease in the kitchen, we put together a list of some of the common bacteria found in the kitchen.

In addition, we put together a list of places in your kitchen where they tend to build up too. That way, you can keep an eye out in the kitchen and keep your household safe and sanitary.

Common Bacteria’s Found In Your Kitchen


Bacillus looks like a rod and is a bacterium that attaches to floating dust particles in the air. Bacillus can severely hurt your digestive health. 


Pseudomonas is a kind of airborne pathogen. It can be devastating for those who have autoimmune symptoms or are immunocompromised. 


Micrococcus is a round-looking bacteria found in soil, meat products, and water.  


Staphylococcus is a round-looking bacteria difficult for your body to beat if you catch it. It can lead to infections and poisoning. 

Common Sources Of Bacteria In Your Kitchen


What makes your refrigerator a common place for bacteria is that bacteria thrive in the presence of food. So, if bacteria are present in your fridge, it is most likely from areas close to meat, vegetables, or fruit. Bacteria will also grow rapidly if the temperature isn’t sustained correctly, so be careful if your fridge is acting funny. 

Kitchen Sponges

Kitchen sponges are hot spots for bacteria growth in your kitchen. Through the repeated wiping of dirty and greasy plates and utensils, kitchen sponges come into contact with more germs than your bathroom toilet. Gross! Remember to sanitize your sponges and replace them every few weeks. 

Cooking Utensils

Cooking utensils encounter raw food all the time. So even with cooked food, bacteria will still grow. Not to mention the utensil you put into your mouth and eat off. Nearly every cooking utensil will be exposed to many pathogens, so it is recommended to wash each utensil regularly after using them carefully. 

Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the mother of all bacteria growth in your kitchen. Kitchen sponges and utensils come into contact with it constantly, not to mention food. Even the surrounding parts of the sink, such as the faucet, encounter tons of bacteria. It is recommended that sanitizing your sink often is the best approach to keeping the bacteria at bay. 

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