How To Eliminate Pesky Hard Water Stains in Arizona

Hello and welcome back to the BlueFox blog where we talk about cleaning everything. Today’s topic, hard water stains and how to remove them. This blog should save you about 6 years as it did for us. Bluefox Cleaning is a cleaning company headquartered out of Phoenix Arizona. Guess what else is located in Phoenix? Hard water, in fact, the hardest water in the whole nation. This is something we battled with for it seems like years and here’s what we found. 

Hard Water.. To understand how to get rid of pesky hard water stains, you must know what causes them first. Hard water stains are brought on by the mineral deposits found in your water system. Contrary to popular belief, the city doesn’t treat these minerals. So you, the homeowner, are responsible for treating it yourself. How do you turn hard water into soft water? Well, you can install a water filter that works at capturing the minerals. They make these filters for fridges, showers, even sinks. You can find that here.

Now Here’s the Scoop.. Now we know that hard water stains are just mineral deposits. By now I’m sure that you;ve noticed these deposits are extremely hard to remove. Well here are some tips and tricks that you can try out for yourself to remove them as well as some cleaners we have found work great.

Lemon – Lemon juice has a very acidic base which makes it a great option for removing mineral deposits. Cut 1 lemon in half, rub on the hard water damaged area, then wipe clean with a wet rag, and whala, it’s gone.

Vinegar – Vinegar has a very low ph level, which makes it acidic. We have used vinegar time and time again for removing hard water spots. It’s very effective as long as the build-up isn’t too aggressive. Just apply the solution, let it sit for 5-7 minutes, and clean with a wet rag.

Barkeepers friend – Barkeeper friend is a compound of chemicals that have been designed to specifically fight mineral deposits and rust. We’ve used this product in 90% of the homes we clean, in the showers and very dirty sinks. We prefer the gel version for fighting hard water stains specifically. Just apply with a dry rag, scrub, and wash with a clean wet rag.

Bio Clean – Bio-Clean has been our most recent discovery, and favorite to date. It’s eco-friendly, pet friendly, and does a great job at removing stains. Just apply some of the solutions to the affected area, scrub, and wipe off with a clean wet rag and magic.

Steel Wool –  Steel Wool now is a great product. Make sure to only use 0000 as it is the finest you can get and will not leave scratches. This especially works on other stainless steel fixtures and shower glass. Just wet the service, scrub, and wipe clean.
So there you have it, our best-kept secrets on getting rid of mineral deposit hard water stains. Once you’ve cleaned the surface, it’s a best practice to upkeep it, otherwise, it will take over your bathroom once again. We also have heard of spraying rain x on your shower glass doors as a preventive measure to keep the water beating off and not settling on the glass itself. We hope these tips and tricks help you as much as they’ve helped. Just pick any one of these solutions, apply a bit of elbow grease, and your infected area will look good as new. Thanks for reading, and until next time.

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