House Cleaning: Deep Cleaning Vs. Regular Cleaning

The house cleaning industry has seen steady growth over the last five years, and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s expected to continue to increase 10% by 2026. The emphasis on healthy living and frequent sanitizing brought on from the pandemic will also likely play a strong part in helping this positive trend. 

Nevertheless, it appears that people are seeing the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services, such as it will give you more time, alleviate any stress and cleaning frustration, and give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is thoroughly and professionally cleaned. And many customers are starting to understand that the cost of cleaning services are both affordable and worthwhile. 

But if you’re looking to have professionals come and clean your house, it is best to know exactly what you are looking for. A cleaning expert at Blue Fox Cleaning Service can certainly walk you through what is offered and recommended for your situation, or you can read on to understand some of the key differences between a deep clean and a regular clean for your home. 

Regular Clean

A regular house cleaning occurs on a more consistent basis, whether weekly or bi-monthly depending on your preference or needs (depending on the size of your house and how many people are living with you, especially if you have children or pets). Regular cleaning focuses on the upkeep of basic tasks and areas. This includes:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Tidying up common areas
  • A general cleaning of the kitchen, such as wiping surfaces, scrubbing appliances, taking out the trash, etc. 
  • A general cleaning of the bathroom, such as wiping surfaces, cleaning the mirror or toilet, a brief scrub of the sink or shower, etc. 

Because a regular cleaning is less intensive, it costs less than a deep cleaning. But the important part is keeping up with these tasks, or else you will need a deep cleaning sooner than expected/planned. A cleaning service can help by sticking to a schedule and taking care of these items for you. 

Deep Clean

A deep clean, on the other hand, is something that happens less frequently, such as every few months (or whenever you’re expecting to host a large party). It takes more time and energy to thoroughly clean, but it also handles less problematic areas of the house so it isn’t required as much. It goes further to get rid of grime, mildew, dust in unusual areas, dirt, and gunk. Rather than simply picking up around the house or wiping down surfaces, you are sanitizing and disinfecting areas. This includes: 

  • Cleaning windows and window frames (interior and, where possible, exterior) 
  • Disinfecting door knobs, scrubbing doors themselves, and cleaning patio doors
  • Cleaning thoroughly or behind appliances in the kitchen (like the oven, microwave, toaster) and laundry room 
  • Disinfecting shower head, bathtubs, tile floors
  • Washing sheets, pillowcases, rugs
  • Cleaning less common areas, including light fixtures, light switches, furniture 
  • And other unique tasks as they arise 

A deep cleaning will make your house stand out, leaving a fresh aroma in the air and pleasant sight for all. Moving into a new house or apartment is also a good time to warrant a deep clean. But the more effort and focus that goes into a deep clean, the better of an idea it is to hire a professional cleaning service to get the job right and as quickly as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a regular cleaning or a deep cleaning, the professionals at Blue Fox are ready and eager to tackle your cleaning needs. Founded in 2013, we have been servicing residential and commercial customers for nearly a decade with our collective group of individuals with over twenty years of experience. 

Plus, with the Blue Fox Guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will return the next day to address any area of concern. Don’t hesitate to give your house the regular, or deep, cleaning it requires while giving you the relaxation and satisfaction you deserve. 

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