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Our Mission

Why do we clean houses? The short answer, happiness. When I was growing up, I’d wake up every day before school at 6am to do the dishes so my mom would wake up to a clean kitchen (true story.) The funny thing is, it took me years to realize that a clean kitchen improved everyone’s moods. Everyday my mom came home from a long stressful day at work and the one deciding factor of her mood walking through that door was a dirty or clean house.

I made sure that house was sparkling every time she walked through that door, or else…. As insignificant as it sounds, a clean house always seemed to be a happy house. With that in mind I set out with a few friends to build the best cleaning company the world has ever seen. To bring happiness to as many households as we possibly could. So when mom or dad walk through that door after a hard day’s work, they too can come home to a clean home.

Bluefox isn’t about cleaning at all, Bluefox is about the happiness that comes with it. We understand the struggles you go through, and that’s just the Bluefox difference.

 – Laura

Founder Bluefox Cleaning

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Driven By American Values

Maslow famously created a hierarchy of basic human needs…

So WE created one for cleaning. With a strong foundation built on trust, we truly strive to deliver the best possible client experience possible. 

Learn more about our company core values below. 

A House Cleaning Team You Can Trust

Blue Fox Cleaning is committed to providing a quality of service to ensure you are satisfied with the product and solutions we have to offer for cleaning!!

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Have so far fallen in love with my new housekeepers! They do all the right work and are so thorough I’m not worried about looking around, over, or under. Had a nice gal before but she was too quick and the house never looked or felt clean. I didn’t dare look around, over, or under because of what I might find. LOL. I’m a very orderly type. Everything is always tidy and I’m a clean-as-I-go type so definitely recognize if something has been skipped. So far I have only found thoughtfully clean, considerately ordered, and pleasantly sparkling around every corner. Thanks, Laura and friends. Enjoying your diligence and care…

  • – Rob Neal

I just moved to Scottsdale and had to establish a home cleaner. They came out and did a deep clean and everything was sparkling (even my very dirty sliding glass doors). They use all-natural cleaning products so they are safe for kids and pets. The well-organized team is thorough in their cleaning. Trustworthy team – I highly recommend their services!

  • – Kim Steadman
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Got Questions?

A deep clean is recommended for all first time cleaning by BLUEFOX. It allows us extra time to get all the areas that have been missed during regular cleanings in the past. after the initial deep clean, most customers switch to a standard 2 hour clean.

Simply click on the “book now” button and enter your information. You will be contacted by a team member to solidify your booking. 

We use all natural cleaning products in every home. 

Yes, we provide all of the cleaning supplies. Including vacuums, mops, and Cleaning Agents. 

Yes, we do our best to make sure the cleaners stay on your schedule. 

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